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Aton Biotech offers end-to-end solutions for biopharmaceuticals

Aton Biotech is a fast-growing CDMO company which is committed to enabling new biological drugs for clients with an integrated bio-pharmaceutical platform. Our service ranges from cell line development to clinical and end-to-end CDMO commercial manufacturing services, including development of mammalian expressed monoclonal antibodies, fusion proteins, bispecific antibodies, ADC, etc.
Aton Biotech has two R&D &manufacturing sites in Shanghai. Both are equipped with the latest technology and fully compliant with the cGMP requirement of the NMPA, EMA and FDA.

Aton Biotech upholds the talent philosophy of
“Attract Elites, Continuous Empowerment
Customer First, Lean Operation
Be Responsible, Keep Optimizing
Professional and Efficient, Develop Together”
and makes great efforts in attracting, empowering, retaining people and putting right people to right place.